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Professional Growth & Evaluation

Mentoring Program for Building & District Educational Leaders (Administrators)

Districts that participate with School Improvement Services at the Standard or Enhanced level receive one included registration to our leadership programs. Our leadership programs meet the requirements for mentoring to move initially licensed leaders to a professional license. Please select this option if you are sending additional leaders to our programs beyond the one registration that is already included with Standard or Enhanced levels of participation.

Mentoring Program for Teachers & School Specialists

Greenbush will provide KSDE-approved mentoring training and support through workshops and live webinars provided to district-selected mentors and new teachers/school specialists. Our mentoring model is built around relationships with staff and students as well as evidence-based instructional strategies. There is no limit to the number of initially licensed teachers or mentors who can be enrolled in this program.

Teacher Leader Cadre

Greenbush will assist instructional leaders in creating an educational toolbox to enhance student achievement and build capacity within their district. This series of workshops will empower educators to engage in high-impact instruction and effective coaching practices.

Professional Development Council Training & Support

Greenbush staff will provide the required yearly training of your local Professional Development Council. If your district utilizes the PDP Toolbox, this training and support is included with your participation in that program. As such, please do not select this as a service option if you use the PDP Toolbox. Workshop settings and live webinars are available.

Professional Learning Communities Training & Support

Our staff can work with grade-level and content-area teachers to develop professional learning community protocols and discuss how to use data to make instructional modifications or adjustments as needed. Workshop settings, live webinars, and on-site trainings are available.

Teacher / Leader Evaluation Training & Support

Regardless of the chosen evaluation tool, our staff can train teachers and evaluation system implementation teams to effectively utilize the chosen instrument. Evaluation tools include McREL, KEEP, and the Greenbush tool. Workshop settings and live webinars are available.

Other Professional Growth & Evaluation Needs

We will work to meet your professional growth and evaluation needs outside of the services listed. Please let us know if we can meet your needs in another way.