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Lawrence Edition

Restaurants & Bars

Lawrence is well known for its quirky bars and restaurants. Whether you’re interested in a fine dining experience or want a more low key location where you can watch the KU game, we’ve collected some of our favorite places to visit!

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Pour Me a Drink

Have a hankering for some fantastic drinks? Lawrence is packed full of breweries and bars, and even a winery!

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Lawrence Museums

Did you know that Lawrence is the birthplace of basketball? Learn all about that (and more!) and Lawrence’s many museums.

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Mass Street Mania

On top of an eclectic group of restaurants, Mass Streets offers so many unique boutiques. Find the answers to all your problems whether you’re looking for a new book to read, some new artwork to hang on your wall, or some new clothing to wear!

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Mass Street Adventures

Looking less for material things and more for some adventure? Mass Street offers plenty of those as well!

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Outdoor Adventures

Want to get away from it all and experience some nature instead of the hustle and bustle of downtown? Lawrence has plenty of opportunities for you as well!

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Spiritual Haunts

Did you know that there’s a room in the Eldridge Hotel that supposedly is the entrance to Hell? Have you visited the Stull, Kansas cemetery? There are lots of spiritual haunts in the shadows of Lawrence. If you’re feeling a little bit dangerous feel free to go ghost hunting at these locations and more!

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