Culinary Program

This program is offered in conjunction with Fort Scott Community College at no cost through excel in CTE funding. Students completing the first semester will have the opportunity to take the ServSafe exam at no cost. Students completing the full two-year, 26-hour program will receive the Kansas Board of Regents Culinary certificate. An example of the program rotation is below:

Rotation (Secondary-Based; Begins Junior Year)

Semester 1: (6 hours)

Food Service Sanitation (3 hours)

Principles of Culinary Preparation (3 hours)

Semester 2: (6 hours)

Principles of Baking (3 hours)

Inventory Purchasing and Planning (3 hours)

Semester 3: (6 hours)

Professional Cooking I (3 hours)

Perspectives of Hospitality Management (3 hours)

Semester 4: (8 hours)

Professional Cooking II (3 hours)

Food Service Practicum (5 hours)

What’s Next

For students interested in furthering their education in the culinary field, Johnson County Community College offers several options for associate’s degrees. FSCC and JCCC are finalizing an articulation agreement to ensure credits from the Greenbush/FSCC program will contribute toward the requirements of the JCCC program. Look for more information soon.

If you have any questions, contact Michael McCambridge.

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